The BA Writing and Scripts Center Publishes the Thirteenth Issue of the Yearbook Abgadiyat

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center published the thirteenth issue of Abgadiyat, an annual international scientific peer-reviewed periodical published by the Center. It is accredited by the Scientific Promotion Committees of the Supreme Council of Universities and published annually in partnership with Brill Publishing in Leiden, Netherlands.

The thirteenth issue of Abgadiyat contains a variety of important research papers in Arabic, English and French. It also features a new section titled “Critical Revisions”, which tackles the Sinaitic scripts that were discovered in the Sinai Peninsula, particularly in Serabit el-Khadim, in the second half of the 19th century.

The Center is currently receiving contributions from researchers for its next issue, the fifteenth issue (2020), which will be devoted to scientific projects and research concerning religious and funerary writings and inscriptions (ancient Egypt, the Greco-Roman period). The Center will begin receiving research through electronic registration on the periodical’s website found under this link, or through the e-mail:


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