A Relief of the Goddess ‘Nemesis’ in a Webinar at the BA

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The BA Antiquities Museum and the Zahi Hawass Center for Egyptology organize a webinar entitled “A Study of a Relief Representing the Goddess Nemesis at the Bibliotheca Alexandria Antiquities Museum”, delivered by Dr. Wafaa Ahmed El-Gannam, Professor of Greco-Roman Antiquities at the Faculty of Arts, Tanta University. The event will take place on Monday, 14 June 2021, at 7:30 pm, through the Antiquities Museum Facebook page:


The lecture sheds light on one of the holdings of the BA Antiquities Museum, which is a rare stelae with a relief that is considered one of the rarest scenes depicted on carved stelas in Egypt or abroad dating back to the Roman Era. The stelae presents a composite image of the goddess Nemesis, made up of several different elements, which at first glance seems disparate and incoherent in nature. Despite the uniqueness and importance of the stelae, it was never studied independently or comprehensively. The previous interpretations were limited to describing the elements of the stelae only, with some attempts to name those elements, but without any study to justify these possible labels, and without analysis of the subjects depicted on them. Thus, the divergence of opinions about the interpretation of the elements that make up the stelae has prevented the definitive identification of the painting. Therefore, the importance of this study lies in reading the stelae and analysing its elements to reach the meaning behind those elements, while discussing the artistic style and type, which contributes to discovering and understanding its purpose.

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