The BA Discusses the Challenges and Future of the Universe

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The BA Center for Strategic Studies organizes a seminar entitled “The Universe… the Challenges of the Present and Future: Towards a Comprehensive Community Policy” on Wednesday, 19 October 2022, at 12:00 pm, in the BACC Delegates Hall.

The seminar discusses the repercussions of the environmental changes faced by the planet, which threaten the survival of the entire human existence due to their impact on the basic human needs for water, food and energy. This challenge requires the confrontation of the phenomenon of water scarcity and the extension of desertification and drought. It also entails the fight against pollution, which led to the outbreak of conflicts between countries over energy sources, together with the manifestation of new human phenomena, such as the phenomenon of climate refugees. Therefore, countries around the world have resorted to adopting new policies and enacting different laws to confront this phenomenon and its serious consequences.

The seminar highlights the important issue of climate change through several aspects: "The Transformations of the Universe and the Future of International Relations", by Dr. Mohamed Salman, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University; "The Universe and the Challenges of Society and Culture" by Dr. Said El-Masri, Professor of Sociology at Cairo University; "Economy and the Environment… Solidarity or Conflict?" by Dr. Mohamed Abd Rabbo, Professor of Environmental Economics at Alexandria University; and "The Universe and Egypt's Community Policy" by Dr. Sameh Riyadh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment in Alexandria and Head of the Environmental Affairs Agency, West Delta Sector.