The BA Releases the Sixth Issue of Memory of Arabs Magazine

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The BA Center for Islamic Civilization Studies, in cooperation with the “Memory of Arabs” project, has released the sixth issue of The Memory of Arabs magazine, which is devoted to the topic of “Cairo: the Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations, from its Inception to the end of the Mamluk era”. This release coincides with ICESCO's selection of Cairo as the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2022.

The issue features a number of peer-reviewed research papers that cover topics such as Egypt's contribution to the flourishing of the scientific movement in Andalusia, Al-Mustansiriya (Cairo during the Fatimid caliphate) through the description of Nasir Khusraw in his book Safarnama, as well as the diplomatic relations between the Sultans of Delhi and the Abbasid caliphate in Baghdad and Cairo through Egyptian and Indian sources. Other topics include a view of Cairo through Andalusian eyes, genealogy and cultural symbols from the works of al-Qalqashandi, the aristocratic manifestations of the Azbakeya neighborhood in the era of the Mamluk state of Jaraksa, and the Quranic verses on the coins of the Fatimid caliphate and its dependent states.