Lectures and Workshops for Children at the Manuscripts Museum

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The BA Manuscripts Museum is organizing a series of free lectures and workshops for children and school students aged 10 – 14 during the summer vacation, from 21 June to 30 August 2023, at 10:00 am.

The lectures aim at highlighting the role of UNESCO in heritage conservation and the number of sites inscribed on its World Heritage List. It will also introduce children and young people to the types of tangible and intangible heritage, as well as the types of natural and cultural heritage, including temples, archaeological sites, traditional proverbs, folk dances, and natural areas. In addition, the lectures will tackle some elements of Arab heritage that are still used in everyday life, such as coffee, public baths, fountains, textiles, footwear, and chess.

For registration, please visit the following website:


Participants will be contacted to confirm their registration.