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Increasing the awareness of the national heritage is one of the main objectives of Writing and Scripts Center. So, the center is always working on reaching the largest base of the society, whether adults, children, scholars, specialists or amateurs. Therefore, the center organizes regularly lectures in cultural seasons, which are held in cooperation with several local and international organizations, and hosts specialists in scripts, archaeologists and famous calligraphers from Egypt and around the world.
Hence, we invite you to attend the various events organized by the center such as conferences, forums, seminars, exhibitions, lectures and cultural seasons, the ancient language courses, and workshops for children and adults.

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Writing and Scripts Center encourages researchers and academics from all over the world to participate in the various activities of the center, such as conferences, seminars, and scientific publishing, such as:

1-     Journal of Abgadiyat:

Writing and Scripts Center is honored to invite researcher to contribute in the scientific-refereed journal of Abgadiyat. The scope of Abgadiyat covers specific works, dedicated to the research, study, documentation, conservation and inter­pretation of the writings, calligraphies, and inscriptions in the world throughout the world.

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2-    Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies

The project of the Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies is considered a digital record for writings carved on buildings and archaeological remains across the ages. These inscriptions are presented to the user in a digital form in a flexible, user-friendly way in order to enable a large number of researchers to benefit from the gems of archaeological written inscriptions and further browse the images and references of each inscription.

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