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Mauritanian Rock Art: A New Recording

An attempt to utilize new methods and techniques for recording rock art in north-west Africa.

120 LE
Reading the Maya Glyphs

Calligraphy Studies Center had translated and published this book into Arabic. It contains the Topics that are included and mentioned in this book is the nature of this script, the Mayan calendar, and texts of the ruling families and politics, and every aspect of the natural world and the extraordinary The Mayan lived.

170 LE
How to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The main aim of this publication is to enable individuals to read and enjoy the hieroglyphs, and the language of ancient Egypt. It mainly aims at those who have no previous experience in reading hieroglyphs, and should also help others who would like to improve their knowledge in line with contemporary research.

80 LE
History of Writing From Ideogram to Multimedia

This magnificent volume deals with all the systems of writing all over the world from ancient to modern times.
Each chapter contains a peculiar region of the world and sheds favorable lights on the various elements which played roles in the creation of its culture and writing.

325 LE
Lost Languages

The book begins with an incisive description of decipherment techniques and tells the stories of three great decipherments: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, the Mayan glyphs of Central America, and the Linear B clay tables of the Minoan civilization of Crete. Then it tackles the important scripts awaiting their decipherers.

100 LE

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