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Photocopying / Scanning

About the ServicesThe library offers staff-monitored photocopying and scanning services within two copy centers located on level B2 (second basement floor and level B4 (fourth basement floor).

Both centers are operated by members of the library's staff. NO self-service photocopying or scanning is available.


The library offers a paid photocopying service for collection items. Most materials in open access or from closed stacks can be photocopied, with the exception of some restricted items.

The copy centers have black-and-white photocopies and colored copy capabilities. Paper sizes available are:
  • A4 (8½" x 11")
  • A3 (11" x 17")

All photocopying requests can be submitted to the library staff in either copy center after filling the photocopy request form.

Every attempt will be made to deliver the photocopies in a timely manner; however, actual delivery time will be determined by staffing, workload, and the size of the request.


The library also offers scanning services for both text and digital images.

Scanners have the capability to scan images up to 8½" x 11" (A4 size) in size. The image will be delivered as a JPEG file with a medium to low resolution (150-200 DPI) which is sufficient for research purposes.

The scanned images/texts will be saved onto a 3½-inch floppy disk that can be purchased from the BA copy centers.

Every effort will be made to fit as many images onto one disk as possible.

Service Restrictions
The library reserves the right to designate restricted items. Restricted items cannot be photocopied or scanned due to possible damage to the item concerned. These items include, but are not limited to:
  • Rare books
  • Manuscripts
  • Theses
  • Books which are not part of the library's collection
  • Books published before 1900
  • Books with large foldouts (maps, charts, etc)
  • Books larger than A3 (11" x 17")
  • Books with an excess amount of wear and tear


A4 Copies Black & White
1 EGP per copy
A4 colored
10 EGP per copy
A3 Copies Black & White
5 EGP per copy
A3 colored
20 EGP per copy
1.50 EGP per disk PLUS 2.00 EGP per scan
  • Payment should be made in cash through the copy centers, or by Smart Card, purchased and charged at the Circulation & Membership Desk located on the entrance level (E).
  • 30% of the total cost must be paid in advance before photocopy request can be processed.

Rules and Regulations

  1. In order to uphold copyright permissions within the library, BA library users are allowed to photocopy up to and no more than ten percent (10%) of any item within the library collection. When the library is not the copyright holder of the item in question, it is the responsibility of the user to secure photocopying permission.
  2. The library reserves the right to limit the total number of copies requested at one time.
  3. The library reserves the right to determine appropriate care and handling of the item to be copied.
  4. The library holds sole responsibility in designating an item a restricted items according to judgment and the above qualifications
  5. A photocopy request cannot be changed or cancelled by a user once the request has been processed.
  6. A user who cancels an order in the middle of the process will be charged for the copied pages.
  7. The library reserves the right to limit the total number of copies supplied at one time.


  1. Materials over the standard A4 size (8½" x 11") cannot be scanned
  2. Personal scanners are not permitted in the library.
  3. Copies are produced with the understanding that images will be limited to fair use as defined by the Egyptian and the International Copyright Acts It is the user's responsibility to secure copyright approval for each image.
  4. Personal floppy disks are forbidden within the BA Library. Scanned images can only be downloaded on BA purchased disks.