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Study Room Reservation

Study Room Patrons
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) study rooms are for individuals who desire a private and quiet atmosphere. They can be used free of charge by any of the following users:
  • Academics/University Professors
  • Graduate Students
  • Post-Doctoral Students
  • Researchers
  • Users with Special Needs
A valid BA Membership Card and a proof of belonging to one of these groups must be presented at the Reservation Desk to complete any study room reservation.

In each level of the Main Library, some study rooms are assigned to eminent scholars acting as consultants to the BA, others are assigned to BA research centers, library staff, or for other official use.

Location & Capacities
Study rooms dedicated for the individual use of BA patrons, are distributed over five levels (F1, E, B1, B2 and B3) within the main reading hall. Other individual and group study rooms are also available in the Arts & Multimedia Library.

  • Study rooms in the Main Library may be used by only one person at one time.
  • Visually impaired/blind users are permitted to use individual study rooms in the Main Library accompanied by one assistant. This is in addition to the other facilities offered to the visually impaired by the Taha Hussein Library.
  • Group study rooms in the Arts & Multimedia Library can be used by two or more individuals, not to exceed the total number of chairs in the room. For more information, please, consult the policies and services of the Arts & Multimedia Library.
Study room reservations can be arranged at the Reservation Desk located in the entrance of the Main Library ( E level ). Study rooms are kept locked when not in use.
  • Rooms may be reserved by members of the library with their membership card. Non-members may reserve study rooms by presenting a valid library ticket and a valid national or international ID. All study room reservations require users to show proof of academic status or needs basis (see above categories).
  • Patrons will leave their IDs at the Reference Desk on the same level of their reserved room in order to take the study room's key. The key is the responsibility of the patron and is subject to a lost-key-replacement-fee of EGP500. Study Room keys must be returned on the same day and are subject to a late-fee of EGP10 per day.
  • Study room reservations will be cancelled if the patron does not check out the key from the Reference Desk within 30 minutes after the beginning of the reservation.
Hours of Use
  • Maximum duration of any study room reservation is only one business day during the regular hours of the Main Library. Rooms may also be reserved for half-days or specific hours according to the users' needs and room availability.
  • Users who want to use study room facilities for more than one day have to make separate reservations on each day they wish to use the room.
  • Study rooms are offered on a "first come, first serve" basis and may be reserved only as they become available.
IDs and Signatures Required
All patrons who use study rooms must leave a valid personal ID at the Reference Desk on the same level of their reserved room and sign the Study Room Form. This must be done each time a reservation is made. Study rooms may not be used without valid reservations nor valid IDs.

Standard individual study rooms contain one table, one chair, and a small book shelf. In addition to standard furniture, some study rooms are equipped with computers and headphones. Individual and group study rooms in the Arts & Multimedia Library are equipped differently to serve the special needs of this specialized library and its collection. For the equipment usage policy of the Arts & Multimedia Library, please consult its webpage.

Rules of Conduct
Users of BA study rooms must comply with all the general rules and regulations governing the Main Library's reading area, as well as the specific rules and regulations set for the study rooms (see below). Persons found eating, littering, engaging in loud, disruptive conversation or conduct, defacing library property, or otherwise acting inappropriately and/or irresponsibly while using a study room will be required to leave the library immediately and will be permanently barred from all future study room usage.

Prohibited Acts/Behavior
Study rooms may not be used to distribute or sell goods and/or services of any kind, including, but not limited to, paid and/or non-paid tutoring services.

Study Room Rules and Regulations
  • Rooms are available for the use of BA researchers (i.e. academics/university professors, graduate students, post-doctoral students, researchers and patrons with special needs).
  • Identification and proof of need status will be requested upon reservation and at key allocation.
  • The person to whom the room has been allocated is the only one who may use it.
  • Rooms are available for study and research purposes only. Tutoring sessions may not be held within the study rooms.
  • Library material should not be kept in the study room after use. Rooms are checked regularly by library staff to remove and reshelf such material.
  • Computers, headphones, and any other electronic devices (keyboards, mouse, screens, etc.) are sensitive to improper handling. Moving or improper use of such devices is not permitted.
  • Furniture is placed for safety and maximum use of space. Furniture should not be moved within the study room or between other rooms.
  • The individual who reserved the room is responsible for any damage to BA property (furniture, the facility, library holdings, equipment, and any types of devices) and will be subject to a fine. The fine is determined by library officials and is dependent on the level and seriousness of damage caused by the user. The responsible individual should inspect the room and report any pre-existing damage to the Reference Desk Staff immediately upon his/her first use of the room. Reference librarians should note in writing such reported damage on the " Study Room Form" to release the user from any unnecessary penalties/fines. Otherwise, a ny unreported damage found will be considered the patron's responsibility.
  • Library staff may inspect rooms at any time to ensure regulations are being followed.
  • Rooms will be regularly cleared by the library staff. Personal property left in the study rooms are done so at owner's risk. Personal effects left behind will be deposited into the Lost & Found . The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property left unattended by patrons.
  • Study Room keys must be returned on the same day at the end of each reservation period. The user must sign out and return the study room key to the Reference Desk. In case of late return of keys, the user will be subject to a late-return fee of 10 EGP per day.
  • A fine of EGP 500.00 will be incurred for replacement of any lost key.
  • For your safety and the safety of others, please walk. Running in the library is not permitted at any time.
Patrons are kindly requested to report any questions, problems, or concerns to the Reference Desk Staff for better study room services.