Services available at the BA depository library:

  • The depository reference librarians are trained to serve users seeking information regarding the history, activities, structure and documentation of the organizations comprising the UN System (including availability of United Nations resources on the Internet, periodicals, references or books). The information requested might be by appointment (by email, on the information desk, or by phone).
  • Special search request forms are available at the F2 information desk for users with specific search queries concerning statistics, legal issues, treaties, proceedings, resolutions, annual reports, and/or any information regarding the depositor organizations. The search results can be sent by email or handed in person (based upon user preference).
  • The most up-to-date statistics on several subjects are provided in the depository collection about Egypt and the world.
  • An external line can be set to help external researchers needing assistance in tracking down information about the United Nations and its documentation; printouts are mailed upon request.
  • The New Publications Alert service provides a monthly annotated list of important publications that have recently been received.
  • Since the early days of the United Nations system, the UN has established a set of Days and Weeks (as listed below), Years and Decades to help focus the world on the issues in which the UN has an interest and commitment. Librarians at the depository library celebrate a selection of each month’s UN international days by means of providing subject guides, brochures, and special displays. (E.g. International Day of Peace, International Day of Women…etc.)
  • Email-based remote reference services are available. Reference librarians can make database searches for the public for the document/s needed and send the search results or document/s by email . The documents may be printed, downloaded on Floppy discs or saved and delivered electronically to an e-mail address as an attachment.
  • The Actuality Survey service provides detailed information about international events and crisis. Brief notes, articles, selected list of resources, and/or a bibliography are prepared and printed on such occasions. (e.g. tsunami earthquake, Avian flue, Pakistan earthquake)
  • Print on demand service. Needs to print reports, working paper, minutes…etc. from the UN and international organizations databases and Web sites; are met by means of the library’s public printers.
  • A free orientation program is available for users on the depository collection. Users can register at the General Information Desk or at the F2 Information Desk to attend this session (duration: 20 mn) to know more about the collection.
  • The depository team shares in the Information For All program, to train users on using the UN electronic resources.
  • Photocopying/scanning services are available.