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What can I find at the Library?

You can find all kinds of fun books, videos, and magazines on every topic you can thing of! Our collection is suitable for elementary school children.


Most of the books available at the Children's Library are in English and Arabic. However, the collection also has other languages. We have books on history, science, famous people, sports, animals, geography, and many more!

We have:

  • A collection of cool non-fiction books covering interesting topics.
  • Junior Fiction/Short story books as well as books written by your favorite authors.
  • Picture books for younger children

Click here and search the Library Cataglog.


Multimedia Collection

Watch cartoons, movies and other interesting educational films in our magnificent audiovisual section.

Join a "group video show" where our librarians pick out a cool film or even have fun with your own headphones in an "individual video show" or a TV Channel.

Enjoy a good collection of different educational films including:

Animals Survivors, Natural Disasters, Monkeys and Apes and Numbers and more...

If you prefer, we also have cassette tapes, where you can enjoy listening to stories, songs and music



The Children's Library subscribes to the most famous Arabic magazines known for Arabic-speaking children. Among the collection are Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and more (available only in Arabic).


Do you have a special assignment?

Come and let us help you finish you assignment by helping you use our special database called InfoBits. This database is only available at the library and has information on all the subjects you could want!

You can access this database from the library.

Braille Books

The Children's Library holds a number of books in Braille for blind children in Arabic and in other languages. We also have a big collection of cassettes which includes stories and songs.