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Children's Library Services

The Children's Library covers a surface of 565m2, and includes a reading hall, TV and video corner, computer lab, storytelling and puppet-show theater as well as an artistic and handicrafts corner.


Computer Lab: Kids-web / homework-help

We are pleased to offer you computer stations with Internet links to lots of popular sites. Just sign up for one of the computer workstations available at the computer lab and access various fun-sites and explore thousands of links useful for your school projects and homework.


Children's Activities

Click here to find out about the story time, group video shows, workshops, seminars, and competitions, as well as our summer and mid-year holiday programs and activities.

Multimedia Lab :

The library is offering:

  • Group video shows: Selected short videos from the Children's Library collections played for groups of children.
  • Educational video films. You may choose a film from our collection to watch, and sign up at the reference desk to reserve a TV and video player. Reservation is based on first-come first-served.
  • Cassettes
  • TV satellite channels: Sign up to reserve TV.
  • Reservation is based on first-come first-served
Class visits to the library:

This service is available only during school hours. Schools wishing to arrange a visit to the library should contact the Children's Library for reservations. During the visit, the children will tour the library accompanied by Children's Library staff.

The children's library also offers the following special programs upon request for class visits:

I- Kindergarten program:

  • A tour in the library
  • My book digital & printed
  • Free time (video show and coloring)

II- Primary level program:

A presentation of my book digital and printed is displayed for the children of the school visit with a sample of printed book given to them as gift. Then a prepared questionnaire is distributed to the children. In order to answer the questions, the children must use the books in the library, and answer all the questions before time runs out. This questionnaire is divided into three levels; the first level for primary 1 and 2, the second for primary 3 and 4 and the third for primary 5 and 6. The main goal of this questionnaire is to let the children discover our collection and interact with the librarians.

To book a visit contact the children's library at:

Reference Service:

For regular visitors or first time visitors to the library, we would like to welcome you at our reference desk, located directly in the entrance of the Children's Library. You will find our staff who are able to:

  • Orient you in the library.
  • Direct you to different areas of the library.
  • Provide you with information on library services, collections, policies and procedures.
  • Show you how to use the library catalogue, where you can look through all of our collection from books, CDs and video tapes. It is classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system.
  • Direct you to the information you need.
  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Help you to find information on the internet.
  • Guide you to the best databases to use.
  • Discuss your information needs.
  • Explain library card rules.
  • Explain library circulation polices.
Photocopying and Printing:

Copy service:

The photocopying is situated in the Children's Library next to the information desk.

Photocopying limit is 10% of the book due to the copyright regulations, costs 10 piaster per page.


Children can print what ever they need from the internet by using the prepaid card that is in the information desk. The paper cost 50 piasters.

Services for blind and visually impaired children

The CH Library has established a separate corner for blind and visually impaired children. With a free membership, there are special programs prepared especially for you!

Our collection has Braille books, talking books (Arabic-English) and audio CD s.

There are 2 computers workstations are equipped with special software and assistive technology in the Children's Library, which helps you with :

  • Listening to what you want to read from books or magazines, by scanning it with a special scanner attached to the computer, which reads to you what's written on the pages.
  • Exploring the internet and listening to all the pages you find.
  • Writing what ever you want on the computer and printing it using a multi function printer with different options.

We also have a CCTV magnifier which allow visually impaired children to read books. You can also select books from the Library and print Braille books. After reading, you can have fun and listen to a hundred of stories or songs on the internet or by using our audio collection .