About LYM

The library of Alexandria presents an incubator for talented students in Egyptian Universities. Therefore the advisors for special projects organized the League of Young Masters (LYM) directed to students (18-25 years old) through weekly lectures every Sunday. This program started in 2006 as continuation of the YESBU program.

The LYM program aims to encourage scientific thinking , environmental awareness, increase youth participation in the society activities and to build youth capacity and develop their personal and social skills.

Why joining LYM ?
  1. To explore a latest solutions for environmental issues.
  2. To gain self confidence and address peers with well prepared presentations.
  3. To exchange knowledge with students from other faculties.
  4. To meet with eminent scientists from different fields & learn from their discussions.
  5. To gain new skills and build your capacity.
  6. To be active member in the society.
  7. To learn TEAM WORK.