Dr. Salah’s Word

Dr.Salah Soliman

Four years ago, precisely in June 2002 when Bibliotheca Alexandrina was going to be opened in October of the same year this program came to life.

One of the major goals of the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina is to be like the old library, a window for the whole world to see Egypt through and a window for Egypt also to see the world through it, and for it to become a centre for education and culture exchange.

And walking on the same pattern we started some programs directed to the new generations as they are the base of the future, the main goals of these programs is to increase the knowledge and capabilities of those youth, increase their creativity and curiosity for science.

And here came our role in making this program in 2002 upon the request of certain groups of youth who wanted to build their capacities.

We thereby started (YESBU) Youth For Environmental Sustainability And Better Understanding, in cooperation with one of the international colleges the students started to take courses in environmental causes and the importance of the preventive environmental management.

And for four years now our youth that ranges in age from 13 to 18 years old became the bond between the Bibliotheca and their faculties and colleagues to enlighten them with our goals and how to develop their selves and their society.

Today we are taking another step towards reaching more and more youth in the Arab countries through this website to develop their capabilities also in fields of science, knowledge, resources development, strengthen their positives and commitment to take the Arab world back to the lead of the development.

God Bless You All


Dr. Mostafa Tolba’s Word

Dr. Mostafa Tolba
Former President of the United Nations Environment

We all agree that today’s youth is the leaders of the future and we also agree on that preparing that youth for baring future responsibilities is the role of the existing generation.

I have Spent my whole life on doing two main things which are:

  1. Scientific research and planning.
  2. Protecting the environment and it’s sources as they are the only base for sustainability.

I was concerned in the last three decades about what I notice in the failure of the whole educational system to make a better youth that think in a scientific way and feel that their participation in the society affects the whole society in either a positive or a negative way.

When Dr. Salah Soliman gave me a brief about what Bibliotheca Alexandrina is doing for youth and the specific details of this program and the E-learning course that he is preparing to enlighten our youth with the environmental causes in a way that I was dreaming of.

The succeeding of this program in getting the attention of the students and their teachers to participate in the E-learning course made me feel that we are on the right track in preparing the youth for future responsibilities.