Environmental activities

20 February 2011 - 20 April 2011

This is a project in which each building in certain places in Alexandria was given a plant, to make Alexandria a green city. In order to do this the students themselves went to Antoniadis gardens where they planted an average of 1300 pot, 500 of which was distributed on the students in the Science Festivity 2011 that took place in the BA last April.

Field Trip to West Alexandria
07 July 2011

Field Trip to West Alexandria.

Field Visit to Middle East Oil Refinery (MEDOR)
09 February 2009

Field Visit to Middle East Oil Refinery (MEDOR)

A Field Visit to “Al-Omayyed Nature Reserve”
05 February 2009

A Field Visit to “Al-Omayyed Nature Reserve”.

Preventive Environmental Management
10 June 2012 - 09 July 2012

The YESBU program organizes the  Arabic environmental course “Preventive Environmental Management“ which is consisted of 14 lectures aiming to increase environmental awareness among youth.

Waste Segregation Project
06 August 2012 - 30 September 2012

The Yesbu program organizes a project “ Wastes Segregation Project “  which aims to encourage people to segregate household wastes at source. People are asked to segregate garbage  into organic and non organic wastes, in 2 different garbage bags. Organic wastes could be used as fertilizers. Other wastes ( paper- cans- glass- plastics…) can be recycled and reused effectively .

The project will target residents from Elchatby to Sidi gaber. An awareness campaign about the importance and the benefits of project will be held and 2 garbages bags will be distributed to each apartment.

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Preventive Environmental Management course
23 January 2013 - 07 February 2013

The YESBU program organises Preventive Environmental Management course during the periode of 23 Januray to 7 February 2013 . The course will start at 10.00 .