Hosting the Summit

The call for hosting is open to all institutions working in the field of libraries, publishing, and Information Science. The applying body should have sufficient funds to organize and host the International Summit of the Book, and have submitted the summit hosting form at least one year in advance the summit’s date. The applying body should have as well selected the summit’s theme.

The following should be taken into consideration by the potential hosts before applying to host the summit:

  1. The venue should be able to accommodate a minimum of 200 participants and contains a registration desk, in addition to the availability of at least two meeting rooms throughout the summit’s duration.
  2. Availability of funds necessary to cover the following:
  • Speakers' expenses, including travel, accommodation, and transport.
  • Catering: including lunch and coffee breaks throughout the summit duration.
  1. Availability of suitable three to five stars hotels for participants and speakers' accommodation. Hotels should be located reasonably near the summit’s venue.
  2. Availability of suitable and reliable transportation options to and from the airport and hotel(s), and between the hotel(s) and the venue.


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