The 6th Cultural Debate - "Cultural Particularity of Delta: A Vision for Interaction"

From 11 Feb 2015 To 11 Feb 2015 Books and Beans Foundation, Mansoura

In collaboration with the European Union, and within the framework of the program Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina organized the program’s sixth cultural debate under the theme of “Cultural Particularity of Delta: A Vision for Interaction”. The debate took place on the 11th of February, 2015 and was hosted by Books and Beans Foundation in Mansoura.

While it is maintained that all cultures are equally valid and that no culture is any more superior to others, the rural culture of the Delta region has been stigmatized as backward and reactionary. Hence, emerges the need to re-evaluate and re-examine it. The debate focused on exploring and analyzing the rural cultural of the Delta region, as well  its representation in the media, which is not very accurate. Ignoring the rural lifestyle and thought, the media directs the public towards a limited and monolithic perspective of culture, that is widely respected and accepted as the mainstream. Apart from their political and religious affiliations, we do not have much information about the culture adopted by the inhabitants of Delta. Less is also known about their perspective on the role of women or the concept of freedom. Understanding such information, however, can certainly facilitate communication and interaction with the inhabitants of Delta and all parts of Egypt. This, in turn, will enrich the Egyptian culture, and help in enhancing its values and its interaction with other cultures.

Hence, the debate emphasized this urgent need to explore and identify the forms of creativity in Delta. It also emphasized the need to acknowledge the cultural distinctiveness of the region and to encourage joint cultural projects. Accordingly, this will help in enhancing the culture of the Delta region and in affirming its importance in our daily reality.