The 10th Cultural Debate - “Foreign Cultural Institutes in Egypt: Achievements and Challenges”

From 01 Jun 2015 To 01 Jun 2015 the Swedish Institute, Alexandria

In collaboration with the European Union, and within the framework of the Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt program, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) is organizing a new cultural debate under the title of “Foreign Cultural Institutes in Egypt: Achievements and Challenges”. The debate will be held on Monday, the 1st of June 2015, at the Swedish Institute in Alexandria, and is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m.

The debate is regarded the 10th event implemented under the theme of Cultural Debates; a project fostered by the program Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt. The project organizes several events at which important issues and topics related to improving the cultural sector in Egypt are raised, and where experts and policy makers are invited to discuss and make recommendations regarding drafting a national cultural policy for Egypt.

As its title illustrates, “Foreign Cultural Institutes in Egypt: Achievements and Challenges” explores the relationship between foreign cultural institutes and the Egyptian society, and the vital role that the former have played in the enhancement of culture in Egypt. The debate will shed light on the significance of these institutes for youth in particular, as they provided Egyptian youth with an expression hub; a dialogue space; and a knowledge exchange forum.

The second session of the debate will explore the mission and achievements of the foreign institutes in Egypt. It will also evaluate the relationship and cooperation that exist between the different cultural sectors; whether they are independent, foreign or governmental, and will further examine their contributions to the culture scene.

Entitled “Future and Challenges”, the third and final session of the debate will emphasize the major role foreign cultural institutes have played and the necessity to include their vision and future perspective within the national cultural policy of Egypt. The discussion will also address the obstacles that these institutes face and the means to eliminate them.

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