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4 March 2009

ISIS participates in "For the Love of Egypt" cultural program

Being a prominent digital institution, the International School of Information Science (ISIS) was invited to participate in “For the Love of Egypt” cultural program, organized by the Central Library of Cairo University from 1-12 March. The program sheds some light on the documentation and digitization projects that aim at preserving the heritage and availing it on the Internet for all. In fact, this has been the core goal of Bibliotheca Alexandrina since its inauguration: To document and preserve heritage for the yet coming generations in a digital form that has become the language of their time.

ISIS demonstrates some of its well-achieved digital archiving projects, such as the late presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and El Sadat digital archives, the Memory of Modern Egypt digital repository that tackles the modern history of Egypt starting from Mohammed Ali’s era in 1805 until El Sadat presidency in 1981. The demonstration also includes Suez Canal digital archive and Al Hilal digital repository, that archives all the issues of the magazine released during the last century. Not to mention Description de l’Egypte that has been digitized and availed online for free for all users.

In addition Dr Magdi Nagi, Head of ICT sector at the BA, will participate in the program by an introductory lecture tackling “Content Digital Archiving” that has been carried out by ISIS to transform the Egyptian content into a digital form, which has in turn contributed massively to the research and practical domains.