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Who We Are

The International School of Information Science (ISIS) research institute was founded in order to maximize creativity and foster innovations within the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA).

Guided by BA goals to:

  • preserve the heritage for future generations in digital form; and
  • provide universal access to human knowledge

ISIS acts as an incubator for digital and technological projects, promoting and nurturing innovations that encompass the spirit of the BA’s mission.


ISIS was founded to initiate, develop, carry out and promote research and development of activities and projects related to building a universal digital library. The Institute is viewed as an incubator of IT projects that will ultimately contribute to the knowledge capacity of Egypt and the world.


ISIS aims to be the focal point where scholars from around the globe will group to study and develop new technologies serving BA’s mission of becoming a true library for the digital age. Using state-of-the-art technology, ISIS aims to join hands with other organizations, institutions and IT centers around the world to research and implement pioneering digital ideas for the benefit of the international knowledge community. In fact, the Institute has already created partnerships and adopted a number of major projects in accordance with BA mission.