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Science Supercourse Computer Engineering Day

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 10 March, 2011­­- ISIS has organized in collaboration with the ACM Student Chapter a one day event featuring Science Supercourse project. The event targeted introducing the Science Superourse system to the Computer Engineering community which has been represented that day by 85 students from the faculty of engineering- Computer Science Department.
Participants were introduced to the background of Science Supercourse project, and to understanding their roles as community members in editing lectures’ metadata and authors information, approaching their professors to upload their lectures onto the system, and giving a hand in reviewing lectures and adjusting their classification. In practicing one of their roles, participants were encouraged to edit the metadata of computer engineering lectures filling in the missing data in an attempt to render the system a credible academic resource.
During the day, participants were divided into groups visiting the library facilities and working on the Science Supercourse system alternatively. They were able to finish editing the metadata of more than 300 lectures throughout the day. They were also introduced to VISTA facility at the BA which attracted the attention of many of them in addition to the planetarium and the museums.
Participants have expressed that the Science Supercourse system will represent a useful and essential resource in their study to computer engineering and recommended that they would encourage their professors to upload their lectures onto the system as a meeting place for their university courses.