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UN / EU Government Documents

The Depository Collection is an information center focusing on the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), their international organizations, and other government printing agencies and authorities. It is located within the main reading hall on level F2. The primary objectives of this information center are to.

  1. Acquire, organize, and disseminate the publications of the various governmental bodies represented and their constituent and related organizations.

  2. Provide reference and information services on the history, activities, structure and publications of the organizations highlighted within the Depository Collection.
The first of these objectives is met through the collection development activities of the depository. The second is met by the depository's public services activities.

The Depository Collection is extensive and covers all types of publications of the UN, EU, and other government organizations. The print collection contains books, journals and other periodicals (such as yearbooks and annual reports), brochures, etc. Printed material is searchable in the BA catalog. The depository also provides access to all available official governmental electronic resources, through the use of computer terminals located anywhere within the main reading hall. The collection also holds an assortment of officially issued audio/visual materials.

Public Services
The depository provides many services for its users, including basic assistance finding materials, detailed research assistance, and information about the governmental bodies represented. Basic information services are available at the reference desk at any time. For more advanced help, patrons are requested to make an appointment with one of the depository's librarians at the reference desk.