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ALLATRA psychology and psychotherapy started from the book “AllatRa”. ALLATRA psychology studies a human being holistically and in the context of his/her relationship with others. On the other hand, ALLATRA psychotherapy is the science of restoring the ability of a further spiritual development and conscious cognition of oneself and the surrounding world, and not the ways of adjustment and adaptation to a consumer society. In September 2017, a seminar on ALLATRA psychology and psychotherapy took place in Cairo, Egypt. It tackled two issues, which are “Self-control and Stress Management” and “Building Harmonious Relations”.

Nowadays, people hear very often that there is so much stress in life and no time to do anything. Dr. Diana Oleynik, a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist, rehabilitation professional from Ukraine, confirmed that people, actually, choose stress. Our societies need a fundamentally new direction for its development and organizational model, because the values of the post-industrial community have placed humanity on the verge of self-destruction.

In the worldview of modern civilization, psychology was identified as a separate scientific discipline only in mid-19th century, although the issues it deals with have been studied since Ancient Times. It was commonly known before that a human being has a complex energy structure and there are different levels of interaction between people: visible communication, direct energy/information exchange, and communication at the level of innermost feelings. The seminar participants gained the unique experience of interaction with each other at the level of innermost feelings through practical exercises.

In the seminar, the techniques of switching attention to creative thinking and autogenic training were introduced. Together with the audience, the answers were found to questions, such as how a person can manage his/her thoughts, emotions and desires? How to be happy?

One of the exercises the participants performed was taking a sheet of paper and writing down all the thoughts, negative or positive ones, on their mind in 2 minutes. After giving the feedback, everyone realized that the content of his/her thoughts was similar to the surrounding people.

Brain functions as a device that detects thoughts. Numerous medical professionals and neurophysiologists today confirm this fact. For the participants, the exercise was very useful as a first step in self-cognition, as they realized that thoughts are not the product of the human brain, we can observe them, without getting involved in them. Developing the quality as being the Observer is crucial for overcoming stress and maintaining the peace inside of you.

Therefore, the modern study of psychology in the 21st century takes a fundamental change in the worldview of a man as a priority. The historical achievements of previous civilizations, accessible through the means of mass communication, reveal that man is not just a biological robot performing a variety of tasks every day, but also has a spiritual part.

Everyone is asking the same questions: “Who am I? What is the meaning of my life? Why do I live? What is life? What is death? What is the nature of my thoughts, feelings, and states? How to make rational use of this short life? In many ways, understanding the answers to these questions depend on the world outlook of an individual.


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