How to Have a Productive Holiday


Is it possible to feel free and productive simultaneously? There is a misconception that being free is about being idle, doing nothing, and just sitting still. Yet, productivity, recreation, and freedom can go hand-in-hand most of the time; participating in recreational activities can greatly improve physical and mental health. It also helps manage stress and provides a sense of balance that directly reduces anxiety and depression.

During your vacation, do not sleep your days away; here are some creative and productive ways to spend your holiday:

1.     Stay Physically Active

You have been planning to join an aerobics or yoga class, but there was no time to start it during your hectic schedule. Do not worry, you can start it right away and keep generating those endorphins that keep you moving mentally. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body similar to that of morphine, and make you experience an “euphoric” feeling, which can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

2.    Learn A New Language

Studies have shown that children who are multilingual experience brain benefits surprisingly early. Those who study a foreign language receive a boost in overall cognitive development, do better on standardized tests, are more creative, and have better self-esteem and sense of achievement in school. Thus, learning new languages is not only helpful in introducing you to new cultures; it can also make you more open-minded and able to absorb new information. You can enroll in online courses on Duolingo or BBC Languages. (*You may be interesed to read this interesting article on "The Benefits of Learning a Language" from NCC Home Learning.)

3.    Daydream

Routine kills; it finishes your energy off, and makes you feel bad about your daily activities. On the other hand, holidays have the gift of allowing you to make use of every minute in your day, doing whatever you like.

You can unleash your imagination by daydreaming; it is not considered a waste of time anymore. In their paper Ode to Positive Constructive Daydreaming, psychologists Scott B. Kaufman and Rebecca L. McMillan state that mind-wandering can aid in the process of “creative incubation”. Thus, it is not surprising that you acquire your most creative ideas and problem solutions while your mind is wandering elsewhere.

4.    Take Time For Yourself

Take some time to do something you have always wanted to do; even if it is just to read a new book. The holidays are the best time to recharge and flourish; you should also prioritize and decide what is necessary for you and what will deprive the moment of joy. Sometimes, holidays can be a time of distraction, so you should keep in mind what is necessary and important for you, and what can be put off or even deleted. Do not just do things because others do them, or try to apply what suits them in your day; just decide what is best for you and do it.

5.    Pick Up A New Hobby

Hobbies could turn into professions later in life. Whether your hobby is drawing, painting, playing a musical instrument, photography, swimming, or even jogging, you can start right now!

Practicing a hobby refuels the creative part in you as it recharges your mind. Many scientific geniuses of our time are polymaths, and it was mentioned in their biographies that they derived inspiration and power from their hobbies, which trained their minds and abilities for creative scientific work.


In short, vacation is a time for freedom and recreation, not idleness. There are lots of ways to feel relaxed and free, and still be productive. That way, you will not feel like you wasted your time while you were on vacation.


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