Medical Technology: Fact or Fiction?


Technology has made remarkable progress in various fields, the most important of which is its use in the medical field. It permitted doctors to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for many diseases; thus, saving an infinite number of patients’ lives. Some questions may come to mind about the extent of technology’s contribution to the field; thus, we highlight how technology can be controlled and used to invent sophisticated and advanced medical devices that have proved to be a great success. In this article, we unveil two innovations recently used in the medical field: the “Freestyle Libre” glucose meter and the “Mechanical Thrombectomy System MegaVac”, which gets rid of blood clots.

Freestyle Libre

One of the recent technologies used to measure the level of glucose in the blood, the process does not require pricking a finger, but rather a sensor is placed on the back of the upper arm. The reading appears on contact with the measuring device; there is no more pain for both Type 1 diabetes and patients who use insulin to control diabetes.

This modern device has some other advantages; for instance, it provides three pieces of data with each reading: the current sugar level, and during the past eight hours, with an arrow pointing out the direction of the glucose level and whether it is high, low, or changing slowly. Moreover, the device saves data for ninety days for easy monitoring of the sugar level over time. The sensor needs to be replaced only once every two weeks, with the possibility of putting it under the clothes, and it is also waterproof.

Although this device has many advantages, it also includes some warnings; for example, the sensor does not automatically alert patients in the case of low or high sugar levels, except when measured. The device has not yet been approved for pregnant women, patients on dialysis or in critical conditions, and those under the age of eighteen. It was also declared that the sensor should be placed only on the back of the upper arm and that it should be removed before MRI, CT, X-rays, and Diathermy.

Check out this video about how to use the sensor:

Mechanical Thrombectomy System MegaVac

Doctors were impressed by this technique, as they managed to break down and remove blood clots, a process known as thrombectomy, using the MegaVac device. The device avoids some defects of the current methods, such as therapeutic catheters and other thrombectomy methods.

Therefore, it should be noted how the device works, as it is equipped with the SafeSeal Technology feature, which shuts the blood vessels and prevents clot residues from migrating during the process. This feature makes it unique and different from the other devices that are currently used, as it pulls the clot inside the device very efficiently along with removing any residues.

For these reasons, the device is considered the best of all the other devices according to doctors’ opinions who were amazed by the ease of removing blood clots and preventing distal embolization. However, in order to provide sufficient information about the recently used device, the results of all cases must be reported.

Check this video about the MegaVac device:

Technology has always been known as a double-edged sword; in the medical field, however, it is one of the pillars of scientific progress, disease eradication and control.


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