Note from the Editor-in-Chief About COVID-19


In our first issue of SCIplanet series dedicated to the “Dualities of Life”, we welcomed 2020 with excitement. We have worked on the second issue during the first few months of 2020; however, by the time we wrapped up its content, the coronavirus pandemic had already taken a grip over the world. I, thus, use this small space I have here to say a few words on behalf of SCIplanet Editorial Team on the subject.

This crisis has painfully demonstrated to everyone what the scientific and science engagement communities have been trying for decades to communicate to both decision‑makers and the public. The reality is: humankind needs to stand united at all time, not just during adversity, because otherwise we are destroying each other, other lifeforms, and the planet itself. The entire global population needs education; it needs to be science-literate, to foster scientific culture, and practice scientific thinking.

Once again, what we thought of as dystopic science fiction has materialized practically from thin air. It is in these times that we most need true science, not pseudo-science or fake information; not just to overcome the health crisis itself by developing a medicine or vaccine, but to think and behave appropriately to mitigate the pandemic spread, helping our societies, health workers, and scientists curb the risk and losses. Yet again, it is not just about this devastating ordeal; it is about everyday life and what we have been doing to our planet and life on it.

Hopefully, by the time we publish our next issue, the crisis would have subsided already or on its way to. Nevertheless, we will definitely be tackling this truly life-changing ordeal that we must learn a lot from. Meanwhile, we will be working on sharing relevant contents via SCIplanet Online and SCIplanet social media pages, so make sure you follow us on social media and subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter via our website:

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