Moon Valley


Moon Valley, what is called in Portuguese Vale da Lua, is a river valley in Brazil National Park in the state of Goiás; it was called that because it features rocks that look very much like the Moon's surface. It is considered one of the most popular global touristic attractions; tourists from all over the world visit it to enjoy its peculiar beauty, as if visiting the Moon without leaving Earth!

According to studies, the Moon Valley rocks were formed about 1.8 billion years ago, and include the oldest rock formations on Earth. The rocks were formed as a result of sand-carrying water passing through the San Miguel River and frictioning with the rocks, causing Moon-like holes to develop in them, making them a replica of the Moon's rocks. With climate change and rain in the San Miguel River, along with erosion factors and biological changes, the shape and color of the Moon Valley rocks change, and color contrast appears on the rocks, giving it a breathtaking look.

The Moon Valley combines landscapes, rare plants, and endangered animals; its rocks are also characterized with salt and mineral crystals, caused by depositing, which scientists use in numerous scientific studies and researches. Scientists interested in studying rocks, minerals, salts, as well as biological and climate changes visit the Moon Valley, which is also a wonderful place for photographers to capture photos of mesmerizing landscapes.

In 2001, UNESCO declared the Moon Valley a natural wonder of Earth, and one of the World Heritage Sites; thus, protecting and preserving its treasures of rocks, minerals, salts, plants, and animals. Miners are now prohibited from exploiting its crystal rocks, making it a sort of natural reserve. The valley is also characterized with small ponds, resembling small swimming pools, where people can swim amidst the mountains and waterfalls, and enjoy the fascinating nature without any risk. The ponds are also used in medical tourism; rheumatism patients go there to be treated by natural salts, while enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the little waterfalls flowing quietly and smoothly.

The Moon Valley is one of the most important and beautiful places on Earth; it is a destination for those who wish to visit space, stand on the Moon's surface, and watch eccentric rocks. Moreover, it is one of the best places for adventure seekers and swimming lovers; it also has therapeutic advantages, and many scientists visit it to conduct researches and studies. It is also a natural reserve, because of its rare and unique nature; it is one of the world's natural and historical landmarks with its own luster,  and is definitely worth protection and preservation.


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