Cardio Exercises and Heart Health


Do you want your heart to love you? What about performing some cardiovascular exercises, also known as “Cardio”? Your heart is a muscle and it pumps blood relentlessly and tirelessly; muscles love to be challenged in exercises that increase their endurance and strength. As a treat to the most important muscle in your body, you must indulge in activities that keep it healthy for the sake of living a long, fulfilling life.

When it comes to different exercises out there, your heart loves cardio; cardio activities, after all, are named after the heart—Kardia is the Greek word for heart. So, why do cardio exercises take their name from the heart? Any cardiovascular activity raises the heart rate and respiration; moreover, cardiovascular activities involve moving large muscle groups in a repetitive motion. Cardio lowers bad cholesterol level (LDL); any activity that lowers bad cholesterol levels is a heart-friendly activity.

The good news is cardio exercises are not difficult; there are two types of cardio exercises: high impact and low impact. In high impact exercises, both feet are not on the ground; a high impact exercise includes jumping or jumping rope. On the other hand, in low impact exercises, one foot must be on the ground; this includes taking a brisk walk, jogging, or running. Low impact exercises are fit for those who have problems with their joints; it reduces the impact on them as they hit the ground, while giving people the chance to exercise without stressing their already aching joints. If you are not fond of walking or running, there are numerous activities out there that are heart-healthy; one popular cardio activity out there right now is Zumba. Zumba consists of dancing moves that varies in intensity; it is an enjoyable way to raise your heart rate and stay fit.

Instead of just focusing on biceps or triceps—that does not mean those are not important—you should focus on the relentless muscle that gives your life its pulses and do more cardio.


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The original article was published in SCIplanet magazine, Summer 2018 issue.

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