What do Vegetarians Eat in Eid Al-Adha?


Vegetarian diets are said to not be new, as they first existed in 700 BCE, but they did not spread widely in our Arab societies until recently. The nature of this diet is that vegetarians avoid eating meat and animal products. This diet has many forms, and is followed by millions of people around the world for many reasons, including health issues. When it is time to celebrate Eid Al-Adha, vegetarians face a problem in choosing the foods to eat, especially at family gatherings. In this article, we will present suitable alternatives for vegetarians to prepare and fit the atmosphere of Eid El-Adha celebrations.

Legumes Kofta

Legumes are one of the most important sources of protein; they give you energy and necessary elements for your body. You can choose between fava beans, chickpeas, dry beans—whether white, red, or black—in addition to corn, lentils, and other canned or dry legumes, which can be cooked after soaking for several hours in the water, and can be added to salads or even eaten alone. You can also use these legumes to prepare burgers or veggie kofta.

Grilled Mushroom

Even though mushrooms are a plant-based dietary source and are classified in the kingdom of Fungi rather than the Animal Kingdom, they are one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin D and contain vitamin B in addition to varying amounts of fiber and protein. Mushrooms also do not have a central nervous system like animals and they can be produced sustainability. Mushroom is a delicious and nutritious food option for vegetarians; you can add it to Eid Al-Adha table whether in soup or salads, or eat it grilled or fried.

Soy Burger

Foods containing soybeans have usually been added to vegetarian diets due to their high protein content. Soybeans differ markedly from other legumes since they are rich in fats and contain fewer carbohydrates. The protein in soybeans is easier to digest than in other legumes. Soybeans are the only legumes that provide a significant amount of omega-3. One of the important characteristics of soybeans is that they are versatile; they are an excellent alternative to meat, poultry, and dairy products, so they can be added in any form to your food on Eid Al-Adha. You can also use soybeans to prepare burgers or salads, or use tofu—a kind of cheese made of soy milk—as an excellent protein-rich alternative. You can also use soy milk if your vegetarian diet does not support animal dairy products.

You should not feel bound to choose your favorite dishes at Eid Al-Adha table if you are vegetarian. There are many alternatives and you can benefit from plant-based foods instead of animal foods.



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