Important Applications Revealed by the Coronavirus Crisis


We do not realize that our use of mobile phones and tablets is limited until we discover more fascinating options, applications, and settings. The pandemic and the lock-down in most countries have urged us to find practical and effective solutions in different aspects of life.

  1. Meeting applications

These are applications that provide the ability for virtual audio-visual meetings; they have been used by millions around the world for professional, social, and educational purposes. These applications can be used through computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices. The most famous examples are Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.

  1. Task organization software

These applications are used to organize tasks of work teams, with no need for E-mail messages or long conversations. They enable you to create a platform for each project, invite only those involved to join, easily assign tasks to them, and update task status as in-process, ongoing, or done. Famous examples include Trello and Slack.

  1. Online shopping applications

Although online shopping applications are nothing new, they have been widely used during the pandemic due to lock-down.These applications have made it easier for one to shop for consumable commodities, medications, and other products from home. Restaurants, pharmacies, and other shops have launched their own applications to facilitate online ordering.

  1. Cash wallets

Most banks adopted electronic cash wallets that enable their carriers to transfer and receive money, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay bills, shop online, and enjoy other time-and-effort-saving services.

The past few years were no-ordinary years; they were an opportunity to explore the world and use new applications that enrich our electronic literacy. The optimal use of such applications could indeed solve many challenges we have faced due to lock-down.


The article was first published in print in SCIplanet, Winter/Spring 2021 Issue.

Cover image by creativeart on Freepik

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