Eating for Healthy Bones and Teeth


Food is not only eaten to satisfy our hunger; it is more important than that. What children eat today influences them for a lifetime. In our region, the ghost of osteoporosis looms. It has been linked, among other factors, to what people eat. To combat osteoporosis and for healthy bones and teeth, it becomes essential to pay special attention to our children’s diet to ensure that they do not suffer from future consequences of an insufficient diet.

Undoubtedly, the magical ingredients for strong bones and teeth are calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in salmon, sardines, egg yolk, and shrimp, the body needs it to absorb the calcium. As Vitamin D is not available in diverse foods, sometimes it is added in manufactured food products so that people can get enough of it. Luckily, people get vitamin D when exposed to the Sun.

In our region whether you are eating foods rich in vitamin D or not, exposure to the Sun rays can to a certain extent compensate for your inadequate vitamin D intake. However, for countries where the Sun does not shine brightly, it is a totally different story, eating foods rich in vitamin D is indispensable. Vitamin D supplements are also available; however, people should always ask their doctors before taking supplements, because too much of it can be toxic.

On the other hand, calcium is found in various food products, especially in the dairy products. Children are always told to drink milk to have healthy bones and shiny teeth. It can also be found in almonds and blackstrap molasses.

To protect your teeth from cavity, there is more than sufficient vitamin D and calcium intake. You should not just watch for what to eat, but also what not to eat. Soda is a culprit, it contains acid and acid weakens tooth enamel which leaves teeth more prone to decay. Sodas have also been linked with lower bone mineral density, so its effect is not limited to when it touches the teeth; it goes way beyond that, affecting bones and teeth alike.

Having healthy bones and teeth is not difficult. People just have to eat a balanced diet, rich in calcium and vitamin D. The list of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D goes beyond those mentioned in this article. The process of keeping bones and teeth healthy starts at an early age, so to keep your children healthy, just consider what you put on the table. Little healthy choices make a difference along the way.


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