Superheroes of the Real World: Magnetic Man


Meet Liew Thon Lin, the 78-year-old retired contractor from Malaysia, who is also the real life Human Magnet.

I assure you the photo above is real, unaltered and absolutely amazing.

Mr. Liew has the incredible ability to attract metal objects to his body, and make them stick there. Much like Magneto from X-Men, Liew can make metal objects, weighing up to 2 kg each, and up to 36 kg total, stick to his skin like metal sticks to a giant magnet.

If you still think Magneto’s power is cooler—being able to manipulate electromagnetic fields and attract tanks and helicopters—check out the following photo.

Here, Liew is seen pulling a car, by no means other than his magnetic power.

An iron chain attached to the car is hooked to an iron plate stuck on his midriff, and he pulls the car along the driveway for a whole twenty meters.

Liew also passed on his gift to his grandchildren, who are beginning to exhibit his unique abilities.

What is even more astounding is that when scientists from Malaysia’s University of Technology studied his case, they found that his body did not exhibit any kind of abnormal magnetic fields, which means that his powers are not in fact magnetic.

Seeing that his abilities were indeed real, the scientists studied him further, only to discover that his skin condition might be the source of attraction. His skin was found to exhibit unusually high levels of friction, which the scientists believe can create a special suction effect that could explain why metals stick to his body.

Move over Magneto, our real-life superhero has claimed your place.

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