Egypt’s Natural Treasure


Egypt has been gifted with hundreds of mineral water springs and sand baths that can heal many diseases; it is considered one of the most important therapeutic spots in the world. Its natural resources and dry warm weather have made it home to several unique sulphurous and mineral springs, such as the Pharaoh bath and Moses Bath, in addition to the miraculously healing ability of the black sand found in the city of Safaga.

The Pharaoh and Moses Baths are famous for the treatment of some incurable diseases, such as, rheumatism and rheumatoid, kidney diseases, lung inflammation, and skin diseases. The Pharaoh bath consists of a group of natural hot springs with water temperature of 27˚C; the water flows directly from the mountain, forming a natural lake 100 m long along the seashore. The mountain above contains a stone tunnel used as a natural hot sauna.

On the other hand, the Moses Bath is located in a wonderful oasis covered in palm trees around a natural hot spring; its water has the ability of healing wounds, especially of diabetic patients, and regulating high blood pressure. The Moses Bath is 100 km away from Sharm El Sheikh.

The sand of Egypt is as rich as its waters; scientific research has proved that Egyptian sand contains amounts of radioactive materials suitable for the treatment of some diseases. Burying diseased parts of the body in hot sand for a certain period of time brings about valuable results in some diseases, such as rheumatism, rheumatoid, and other incurable diseases. Black sand is useful for curing acute and chronic arthritis, joint edema, joint effusion, and skin inflammation.

Scientific research results proved that 40% of the sand in Safaga contains three radioactive minerals: Uranium, Thorium, and Potassium, which are elements that help in the treatment of psoriasis, joint pains, and skin inflammation. The dry and moderate climate makes Safaga the best place in the world for the complete therapy of some incurable diseases, such as heart, kidney, and liver diseases. Patients with a history of these diseases are advised never to go to places under sea level, as it harms their health; however, Safaga’s climate is suitable for them.

Safaga is ideal for the treatment and therapy of psoriasis, because it is surrounded by high mountains that work as a natural fence against wind and sand storms. Although, Safag sea water is 35% saline, anyone swimming in the area will find himself floating easily on the water’s surface. This happens because the gravity there is low, which helps in treating the vesicular deficiency.

With over 1,300 natural springs, clay, and minerals that cure bone, skin and respiratory diseases, combined with countless tourist attractions, Egypt has more than what it takes to be a prominent destination for therapeutic tourism.


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