Is Your Salad Boring?


No one can deny the benefits of salads. It is the salad dish per day that can actually keep the doctor away. Raw vegetables can supply your body with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. However, having that same “old salad” with the same ingredients everyday may bore you, and you will sooner or later quit eating your daily salad. Are there any solutions for this? Of course, yes. Here are some tips that will help you spice up your salads and add some vitality to them.

Include Unusual Vegetables

Lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers are the usual vegetables that we eat every day in our salads. However, nature has gifted us with a variety of vegetables, so we should try incorporating them in our salads. Innovative choices include raw spinach, kale, sweet corn, broccoli, parsley, olives, colored bell peppers, and red cabbage.

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Add a Source of Protein

It does not only add attraction to your plate; but adding protein to your salad will increase its nutritional benefits, almost making it a complete meal. You can add smoked turkey, salami, roasted beef, grilled chicken, tuna, cheese, or boiled eggs to your salad. For a vegetarian and budget-friendly protein, you can swap meat with kidney beans, red beans, chickpeas (hummus), mushroom, or nuts.

Add Some Crunch

Playing with texture is always fun. Sprinkle some nuts or toasted bread over your salad to add a crunchy feeling that will break the boredom of the soggy mushy salad. Also, nuts are rich with proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants, while bread is a good source of carbohydrates.

Add Fruits

The sweet and sour combination may not be likable for everyone; but, if you do like it, you have to try it with your salads. Add some citrus fruits as orange or grapefruit, some apple or pomegranate, or even some dried raisins or apricots; the results will definitely please you.

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Add Something Unusual

Besides vegetables, we can have something unusual as a base; why not pasta? It will give you energy and keep you full for many hours. Include pasta as a base and add all the ingredients you like. This pasta salad will break your routine, and will give you room for more creativity.

Image by Jenny Shead from Pixabay

Play with the Dressing

Forget about the old school vinegar and oil salad dressing, and let us add more flavors. Add some fragrant herbs such as basil, mint, oregano or rosemary leaves. Scatter some strong cheese for a savory salad. Swap regular vinegar with balsamic vinegar for a sweet taste and aroma, and include olive oil to add more taste.

For your own safety, make sure to pack the salad in a tight container and store it in a cool place. It does not sound really hard to have a fancy delicious salad. You just need to mix and match ingredients to add more fun and keep on eating your healthy plate every day. Use these tips and we guarantee you that you will never feel bored about your salad plate anymore.


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