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We all have different jobs that impact our societies differently; for example, curing or educating people, or simply helping them understand the world around them. Yet, have you ever thought what it would be like if you have a job that mainly aims at protecting and conserving nature?

n our ever-changing world, it is important to reduce the gap between people and nature using sound scientific research for the benefit of our societies and future generations as well. Let us focus on one of the arising initiatives serving nature in Egypt, an NGO entitled Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE).

Established in 2005 by a group of leading experts in nature and biodiversity conservation, NCE is an Egyptian NGO that is concerned with the conservation of Egypt’s natural heritage and the promotion of its sustainable use through a number of programs. NCE programs aim to reach out to the Egyptian public and spread the word about conservation, by organizing talks and lectures at various cultural centers, along with organizing birdwatching tours in the city. Let us review some of these programs.

Energy and Nature

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When it comes to renewable energy and biodiversity, NCE has a crucial role in working to understand the impact of these projects on the wildlife; therefore, exerting effort to preserve nature. For example, the migratory soaring birds project located on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, which is considered the second most important migration route for soaring birds in the world. NCE role is to ensure sure that the wildlife and the migration route of birds would be taken into consideration projects would not be a threat to the wildlife.

Nature and Tourism

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There is also a great involvement of the NGO in spreading responsible tourism. Since tourism is fundamental to the Egyptian economy and to the local community, advising policymakers of ways to protect nature from destruction through the extension of infrastructure is essential. NCE also works to bring the benefits of local communities and nature together.

Illegal Hunting

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One of the most important projects of NCE is the responsible hunting program, with its major project “Reducing Illegal Bird Killing along Egypt’s Mediterranean Coast”. Every year, millions of birds fly in migration routes passing through Egypt and during their migration, they are hunted by locals for many reasons. Accordingly, NCE conducts various social and economic studies to understand the effect of hunting on the livelihood of the local residents, in order to bridge this gap. They also conduct awareness campaigns to educate the locals about the risks of illegal killings and the threat it puts and imbalance it can create.

With its office located in the heart of Cairo, NCE does it all; whether it is awareness, conservation, or organizing bird watching tours. NCE seems to fill the gap that no else does between nature and human needs. NCE doors are always open to anyone with questions and ideas; as they say on their website, they believe that “Nature is not a place to visit, it is home”.


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