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This is one of Van Gogh’s famed self-portraits. As you all know, Van Gogh lost his mind and cut off his own ear to give it to the woman he loved!

This is a sculpture of the great explorer Christopher Columbus, who is most famous for discovering that the Earth is round.

Van Gogh:

Why is everyone so sure I cut off my own ear?! I had a fight with my pal Gaugin; maybe he cut it off!!!


What a shame?! Yes, I discovered the New World; but, I did not discover that the Earth is round! How could I have discovered that when Eratosthenes calculated the Earth’s circumference back in the 3rd century BCE?!

*Read "Things We Have Been Taught in School that are Not True (Parts One and Two)".

**Published in SCIplanet Printed Magazine, Spring 2015 Issue.

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