How Has the Coronavirus Affect Our Life Positively?


Wash your hands thoroughly using water and soap; quit smoking; eat healthy food; maintain your body's immunity; practice sports regularly; all these are warnings and advice going around all around us nowadays because of the new coronavirus outbreak, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a pandemic.

We all inevitably fear the unknown; after all, it is a modified virus with no cure thus far. It is spreading like wildfire, shutting big cities down and continuing to spread across the globe; we are confined to our homes, watchful of what goes on around in our countries and other. Yet, cannot we find a single positive effect amidst these fears? Maybe if we look at it from a different perspective we could find aspects that would change our views about what is happening now.

Read the advice at the beginning of the article again; do not you hear them all day long? Have not most of us started to abide by them by now? Are not these healthy habits that we should commit to regardless of the virus circling the globe at the time being?

It is always best under any circumstances to follow a healthy lifestyle, avoiding bad habits that destroy our health and the health of those surrounding us. Nevertheless, many have not seriously commited to these healthy habits until this new outbreak; it is, thus, a positive step towards a different life full of good, healthy habits.

We have been following news of major airports closing and airlines ceasing their activities in most countries; all these grounded airplanes used to consume billions of cubic meters of harmful fuels. Public transportation also halted in many major cities; hence, decreasing pollution significantly.

Undoubtedly, the call to stay home has had a tremendous social impact on individuals; family members within a single household that used to meet by chance now have to stay for long periods of time together. This potentially has a great positive impact on reinforcing family ties and bringing families together as they stay home, avoiding going out.

The coronavirus is a serious crisis the majority of the world's population is facing at the moment; yet, it can be controlled by limiting its spread, which can be done by following the advice of the WHO, staying home, and practicing healthy habits that strengthen the immunity and prevent infection through mingling with infected patients or carriers. Nevertheless, there are positive aspects that can help us individuals have a new beginning after the crisis subsides; a beginning of positive action, health-wise, environmently, and socially.

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