Deodorants: What they do and what they do not do!


During summer, in high temperatures, the sweating rate increases. As a result, some often use deodorant to prevent unpleasant smell and avoid the uncomfortable feeling caused by excessive sweating. Recently, there have been more theories and allegations trying to link breast cancer to the use of deodorants. Are deodorants really the cause of increased cancer rates, especially breast cancer?

The reason why many scientists have linked breast cancer to the use of deodorants is because of the proximity of the breast to the armpit, where deodorants are often applied. However, up till now, there is no scientific proof supporting this assumption.

The main ingredient in deodorants is aluminum; it works on closing the ducts of sweat glands to prevent sweat from flowing unto the surface of the skin. That is in addition to Paraben, which is used in many industries, such as cosmetic products, pharmaceutical formulations, food processing, and definitely deodorants.

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The theory that links breast cancer to the use of deodorants revolves around some assumptions, including the continuing absorption of composite aluminum, which ends up accumulating in breast tissue. As such, the toxic concentration increases and the oxidation rates in cells increase as well. Just as aluminum and Paraben, there is also estrogen; it is a female hormone produced naturally by the ovaries. However, when it exceeds the normal level, this hormone stimulates the growth of cancerous cells. That assumption is based on the finding of Paraben inside some tissues of breast cancer. Moreover, composite aluminum pass from under the armpit to the lymph nodes and the body cannot get rid of them because the sweat ducts are closed. After that, cells experience a kind of mutation that turns them into cancerous cells.

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No conclusive researches have been conducted to support the theory that links breast cancer to deodorants. We simply cannot prove that the body actually absorbs all these quantities of composite aluminum only by using deodorants; a small cut in the skin can pass a quantity of pollutants and carcinogens into the body.

Aluminum has been part of all types of industry for decades, the most popular type of which is food containers. However, no one has ever mentioned a similarity between aluminum and estrogen before and there is no proof that such similarity exists. Finally, the lymph nodes are not connected to the sweat glands at all and there is no way aluminum could reach these lymph nodes or the mammary glands.

As such, doctors recommend avoiding the already known carcinogens, which have been proven to be linked to increased cancer rates, such as smoking, alcohol, and obesity. It is also preferable to change the lazy and pessimistic lifestyle, follow a healthy nutritional routine based on the diversity of minerals and vitamins, and regular exercise.

There are many natural and herbal recipes used to get rid of sweat, such as coconut oil and baking powder. However, alum is by far the most popular inherited recipe to avoid sweating. Alum is a natural stone that does not need manufacturing; it is known for its ability to kill microbes and bacteria, and also for being inexpensive. The stone is easy to use; it is moistened with water for a little while then rubbed onto the sweaty area.

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Deodorants are apparently innocent of being a cause of cancer as there are no recognized researches to prove otherwise. It is always preferable to use natural recipes to get rid of sweat; they are less expensive, safer, and a better choice to protect the environment.


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