What Happens to Our Bodies When We Eat Sushi?


Sushi, that unique Japanese delicacy that has become popular all over the world, is now one of many people's favorite meals. Many think of sushi as a healthy food full of Omega 3, because it is basically raw fish artistically made; yet, I am sorry to inform you in this article that sushi is not as healthy as you think. I know this news will upset many people, but the truth must be said no matter how painful it is! Read on to learn about the effects of eating sushi, and many of its side effects on the body.

  1. Sushi is full of sugar

Do you know that sushi contains a high percentage of sugar; so much that your body ingests the equivalent of a full tablespoon of sugar with each cup of rice? While preparing sushi, the rice is mixed with sugar and rice vinegar; in addition to that, rice itself contains a huge amount of sugar, and the sauce also contains sugar, all of which makes sushi totally unhealthy.

  1. Sushi could poison your body with mercury

Fish, such as tuna and other types used in sushi, are full of mercury due to the industrial pollution effects on fish, seas, and oceans. The more you eat sushi, the bigger the amount of mercurty in your body gets; it could sometimes make you feel weak and numb, and you may forget important things after eating sushi.

  1. Sushi could cause you a severe bacterial infection

Sushi might contain listeria, which causes bacterial infection as a result of eating contaminated food, including raw fish. It could also contain salmonella, which causes bacterial infection as a result of eating unclean food, if the maker's hands are not washed thoroughly before handling the food. Salmonella was found in tuna fish; as freezing tuna does not kill it, but good cooking does.

  1. Sushi might lead to food poisoning

If you do not have fresh fish to prepare sushi, you might get food poisoning from eating frozen fish. If the fish is not transported in the required temperatures, it may begin to rot and produce histamine, to which your body might develop an allergic reaction when you eat that fish, with symptoms such as: rash, headache, dizziness, and maybe even more than that.

  1. Sushi can infect you with worms and parasites

After eating sushi, you may feel abdominal pain and a desire to vomit. I am sorry to tell you that you may be infected with tapeworms, which exist in raw fish; cooking the fish well kills these worms. There are other types of worms and parasites that live inside sushi and raw fish, and can infect you, causing many diseases.

At the end, I advice everyone, especially pregnant women, children, and those with weak immune systems, to stay away from sushi once and for all.



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