Environment and Climate are Life


One day, Environment woke up early in the morning, as usual, and as soon as she opened her eyes, the universe around her lit up. She washed her face and some green strands on her head, with rain water drops. The water ran down her forehead in streams, making a delightful and cheerful gurgling sound. As water tickled her, she laughed and swayed with joy, all its plants blooming, hydrating, and growing. She turned her face towards the gentle Sun rays beaming through the clouds, accompanied by a fresh breeze, flowing slowly and calmly to intertwine with her body and hair, drying her wet organs. Water droplets evaporated, rising to the sky, along with some drops from the rivers, seas, and oceans by which it is adorned. They draw in the atmosphere of its sky some white areas of clouds, soon driven by the winds to other thirsty spots to quench.

Environment looks around herself to see animals, birds, and insects; all of them mutually benefiting and competing in pursuit of livelihood. Environment is happy with this; in the life cycle of each of them benefit and prosperity. Despite Environment's elementary life, she enjoys it. She is delighted by the succession of the different seasons, each invigorating her with its blessings and bounties.

Environment rejoiced, proud of the bounties bestowed upon her by God, repeating: I am Environment. I am everything in existence. God created me in this life, and everything in me complements each other. In the midst of her joy, she heard a voice coming out from the depths of the universe addressing her: Sister, sister. Has your joy made you forget your brother Climate? I share this with you.

Environment smiled shyly and exclaimed happily: How could I forget you, my beloved brother? You are Climate who contains me with his warmth, refreshes me with his coolness, and covers my limbs with its frost. You, Climate, are part of me.

Climate: Yes, I am part of you, and you are part of me. What hurts you hurts me, and what cheers you up cheers me up.

Environment: Do you know what I like about you, Climate?

Climate: I do not know, I wish you would tell me.

Environment: I like your patience; you often hold and tolerate me. You are not quickly affected by some of the changes that may be caused by my parts.

After a long sigh, Climate said: Oh, my sister! If it were not for your changes, I would not have been here. The breath of your green leaves, all the animals on your land, and the vapor from your waters keep me alive and strengthen the layers of protection with which I hold you.

They were interrupted by the laughter children playing. Environment said: They are human beings. God has subjected me to their service. They eat my fruit, drink my water, use my wealth to make the clothes that cover and protect them from heat and cold, and establish their civilizations on my land.

Climate smiled and said: I know them, sister. Their actions result in a lot of dust, fumes, and pollutants that are increasing day after day. Environment replied: As much as I am pleased with their service, their enjoyment of my parts, and their achievement of great civilizations on my land, as much as I am hurt by the negligence of some of my right to live as God has created me and to thrive without harmful pollution or infectious epidemics.

A loud noise almost drowned out their sound. Environment said: It seems that a human invention exploded, a war missile was fired, or any other human action that harm and pollute me. I see rising flames in the sky; black and white smoke is almost covering the horizon. Environment asked Climate wondering: Do you see what I see?

Climate, whose facial features were altered, replied: I see it, and I am about to suffocate. This smoke is trying to seep through my protection layers, and is about to penetrate them with its carried toxic gases, chemical pollutants, and nuclear radiations.

Environment: Are these layers part of you, or part of me?

Climate: It is a part of you, and we cooperate in making them together; to surround you like an atmosphere that protects you.

Environment: May God protect you too, as you have always been my brother and support.

Climate smiled expressing his gratitude to her prayers, and said: How do they do this to you? Environment replied: They are my children, to whom God has subjected me to their service. They crawl towards me and I take care of them. Once they grow up, I bear the recklessness of their dreams, and the cruelty of their desires and experiences.

Climate: Do they not know that their pollution will return to them again in several forms? Do they not know that life on Earth is a gift and a message? The Earth will never smother its people, but some of their actions will!

Environment: I have been telling and showing them the results of some of their reckless actions that resulted into diseases and epidemics. I have always warned them of the consequences of climate change, but they soon, intentionally or unintentionally, forget; for the sake of their own whims and experiences.

Climate: You have to teach them then how wonderful to have science, civilization, and development at the service of the environment and not to interfere with it. With the goodness of the environment, people live and their tools in this world become complete; without that there is no life.

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