Superheroes of the Real World: RubberBoy


Some people are just more flexible than others. Take rhythmic gymnasts for instance; they can bend their bodies and stretch their limbs like there is no limit to their limberness, and they do it all with a smile on their face and a flying ribbon in their hands. Circus acrobats are even more impressive, aerialists who fly and stretch their limbs all the way to the sky, contortionists who flex and bend their bodies like a pretzel; artists who perform such feats are certainly much more flexible than the average human being.

Daniel Browning Smith, or RubberBoy as you may know him, is a completely different story, a contortionist unlike anyone else in the entire world. His flexibility is second only to Elastigirl of The Incredibles, and first in the real world.

Named the World's Most Flexible Man by the Guinness World Records, Rubberboy has an unmatchable ability to bend and stretch his body into the most unnatural shapes and positions.

His father discovered his unique power at the age of four, when he saw him jump off the bunk bed and land in an incredible gymnast split during a roughhousing session with his siblings.

Since then, Daniel developed a fascination with contortionism and resolved to become the greatest contortionist the world has ever seen. With his father’s support, his hard work and professional training, he managed to develop his talent into a great superpower, holding seven world records for extreme, unrivaled flexibility.

Daniel can do almost anything with his body; he bends backwards, forwards, dislocates his arms and legs, and can even turn his head 180 degrees. Here is Daniel showing some of his incredible skills in an interview on “Dark Origins”:

Watch him in a show as he comes out of a tiny box, only to squeeze his entire body through a tennis racket: 

In addition to being the world’s most famous contortionist, and a host on Stan Lee's Superhumans talent show, Daniel also uses his insanely flexible body to create amazing stunts for films, TV, and commercials.

His work can be seen in films such as Paranormal Activity 3, and You Don't Mess With Zohan, on TV shows such as CSI and Monk, and commercials for products such as Coke Zero and Alamo rental cars. He is drastically cheaper than computer-generated imagery and easier to use, with better looking results because it is real.

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