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Genetically Modified Food: Pros and Cons
(Food and Agriculture)

Have you ever read the term GMO-free on your cereal box or any other food product packages that you have bought recently? Have you ever heard about the cube-shaped watermelons or tomatoes, or the blue strawberries? What are GMOs and what is its impact our health?

Agricutural Waste between Feeding Plants, Animals, and People
(Food and Agriculture)

The food problem has become a disturbing global problem for people and organizations; the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has thus taken on the challenge of bringing famine to zero level. The freedom and dignity of people have been attached to this dilemma; communities have thus come to know and believe that “they who do not have power, do not own his freedom”.

High Tech to the Help

Among the potential solutions to deal with the overarching educational problems that Africa faces nowadays is technology; as in computers, cellphones, satellites, ... etc.

Google’s Classroom

A new tool developed by the technology mogul lately as part of its Google for Education apps suite, Google Classroom is designed to help teachers communicate more effectively with students.

Tablets in Schools

Go out on any given day and a common sight that will meet you is people staring at screens they hold in their hands.

Synthetic Gas
(Bare Necessities)

It is an undeniable fact that the world is now proceeding with fast steps towards an energy crisis that comes shoulder-to-shoulder with the depletion of fossil fuel reserves.

Future of Farming
(Bare Necessities)

The critical determinant of production is the quality of farm management that combines available resources to deliver products that meet demand.

The Science Behind Magnetic Cards
(How Things Work)

When shopping, swiping a plastic card sounds easier and more convenient than carrying large amounts of cash around. Have you ever wondered about the physics behind this small plastic card?

Location Tracking
(How Things Work)

Getting lost has become less of a concern over the years as technology involving location tracking keeps improving. The most commonly known location tracking technology is the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Sun Power: Initiatives for the Future
(Environment and Us)

With the power cuts we have been suffering from, would it not be wonderful if each person generates their own power and not have to rely on the power grid?

Solar Desalination of Seawater
(Environment and Us)

The only nearly inexhaustible sources of water—the essence of life on Earth—are the seas and oceans, which, however, are of high salinity.

The Rainmakers
(Environment and Us)

Being as vast as it is, Earth has quite a diverse geography. Each part is endowed with certain attributes; some are mountainous, others are hilly, some are cold while others are hot; some are wet, others are dry.

Healing Currents
(Human Health)

Everyone experiences pain at one point or another, usually we know that the pain eventually wears off, but what if it does not? Many people who have had injuries continue to suffer from pain, the kind that never goes away. 

Speech Sounds Recognition
(Human Health)

Have you ever thought how do our brains recognize voices and speech?

Electronic Aspirin
(Human Health)

Do you suffer from a daily headache? Have you tried ordinary types of aspirins? If it did not kill the pain and the pain grew stronger, the Electronic Aspirin is the solution.

World’s First Artificial Heart Transplanted Successfully
(Human Health)

The wait could soon be over for hundreds of thousands of people on heart transplant waiting lists as the medical community celebrates the first successful implantation of an artificial heart into a 75-year-old patient in Paris, paving the way for many long term robotic substitutes.

Inventions that Changed the Course of History: The Rocket
(Human Civilization)

Throughout history, there has been confusion between the words rocket and missile. A rocket generally refers to a device, which after launch, is recovered using a parachute or streamer. A missile is defined as a flying device which is not recovered.

Goodbye Wheelchair: It is the Exoskeleton Time
(Human Civilization)

If you are a fan of the “Iron Man” comic books and movie series, you are probably fascinated with the powered, flight-capable suit of armor that fictional industrialist Tony Stark puts on when he goes out to battle evildoers. Would not it be great to have one of those around?

Inventions that changed the Course of History: The Clock
(Human Civilization)

The invention of clocks, have had a tremendous impact on history. Anything that is scheduled require knowledge of time in order to work, countless scientific experiments required a stopwatch, and so on and so forth. The clock has helped keep everything organized.

Inventions that changed the Course of History: The Engine
(Human Civilization)

Ever since the dawn of history and until maybe the late 18th century, all sources of energy available for mankind were confined to human strength, animals, wind energy, and water energy. 

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