Articles (Botany)

Insect Eating Plants
(Animal and Plant Life)

Why and how do plants consume insects?

Moving Plants
(Animal and Plant Life)

When you read the title “Moving Plants”, you may ask yourself “Do plants move?” Guess what? They do.

Eat Your Colors
(Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition)

Healthy eating is not only about how many servings of fruits and vegetables you eat, but also about how many colors you consume!

Nature's Palette: Living Colors (Plantae)
(Animal and Plant Life)

The plant and animal kingdoms abound with bright colors, from the lush green of photosynthesizing plants to the striking colors of fluttering butterflies.

​Biodiversity at Stake: A Historical Account
(Life Sciences)

What makes Earth unique among its peer planets is that it supports life. For ages, the planet has embraced diverse forms of life that flourished across its oceans and lands and has been home to innumerable species. 

Save the Trees…Save the Planet
(Environment and Climate Change)

Trees do not just offer wonderful scenery, but they offer life also; when they breathe, we breathe.

The Amazon Gets Less and Less Green
(Environment and Climate Change)

In a world threatened by its own carbon footprint, the forests of the Amazon are its largest absorber of carbon dioxide. Satellites have shown beyond doubt that deforestation in the Brazil’s Amazon jungle has reached a dramatic level.

Palm Oil: A Curse or A Blessing?
(Environment and Climate Change)

Many countries economies’ depend on agriculture and the yield that comes from their soil. When a certain crop is produced on a large scale and sold for profit, it is known as a crash crop.

Inventions that changed the Course of History: Anesthesia
(Human Civilization)

Anesthesia is the temporary loss of sensation induced by drugs that interfere with how nerves communicate. 

Homemade Perfumes
(The Scientist Inside You)

Making homemade perfume is a simple process that only requires a few ingredients. 

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