Articles (Engineering)

Around the World in Five Houses (2)
(Education, Business, and Society)

Although the building blocks of igloos are made of ice, their interiors can reach up to 40 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. 

Mining the Sky II
(Astronomy and Space Sciences)

What if the greatest discovery of natural resources did not take place here on Earth, but in the sky?

Architecture: The Ultimate Union of Science and Art
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Architecture has always been a reflection of the evolution of not only mankind and human nature, but also of science and technology.

Pascal: A Literary Scientist
(Inventions and Innovations)

We have to pause in deep thought and awe when it comes to an exceptional genius who successfully combined science, literature, and religious thinking.

Biomechanics: Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Biomechanics is the science that studies the body’s motion; it is an extensive interaction between biology and mechanics.

The Science Behind Up!
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Look up in the sky! It is not a bird! It is not a plane! It is not even a superhero! It is a flying house!

Humanoid Robots
(Computers and Information Technology)

Are humanoid robots invading our houses any time soon and how far can they go?

The Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant: The World’s Largest Tidal Power Station
(Physical and Chemical Sciences)

South Korea is considered the world’s fourth largest oil importer, taking in 2.5 million barrels of oil daily.

Zafarana Wind Farm: Egypt’s Largest Wind Power Plant
(Physical and Chemical Sciences)

In early 1980s, the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Energy formulated its national strategy in the field of NRSE as an integral part of its global energy strategy. 

Cooking Oil Can Run Your Car Too!
(Physical and Chemical Sciences)

Have you ever heard of cars running on vegetable oil? 

Human Electricity
(Human Body)

Without electricity, you would not be reading this article right now.

The 1-Liter Car
(Physical and Chemical Sciences)

We all know that fossil fuels are depleting, simultaneously the world consumes a large amount of petrol per year.

Energetic Algae
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

As demands for more sustainability in our lifestyles increases, so do the innovations that cater to those demands. 

Cloud Computing
(Computers and Information Technology)

Have you ever used the cloud storage service “Dropbox”?

Google Fiber: The Evolution of the Internet
(Computers and Information Technology)

If you are a computer geek like me, you will know exactly what a beta test is.

Makey Makey: A Glimpse into the Future
(Computers and Information Technology)

As fascinating as it can be, technology has always been limited in a sense.

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