Articles (Art)

Art: The Offspring of Light
(Science and Art)

Art, a major aspect of culture, was, is, and will always be born from light. 

Art and Science; an Unfathomed Tie
(Science and Art)

The close relation between the production of works of art and all strands of science and nature could be tighter than many of us could imagine

The Inkblot Test
(Science and Art)

Have you ever come across an entertaining personality quiz entitled the “Inkblot Test” while skimming through the Internet? If you have not come across this test yet, let me tell you about it.

Museum Delusions

Van Gogh: Why is everyone so sure I cut off my own ear?!

How Sustainable Is The Fashion Industry?
(Environment and Us)

When we talk about protecting the environment and sustainability, for the most part we do not talk about the fashion industry. 

Silver Lining
(Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future)

In Laymen terms, silver is classified among precious metals, which are attractive but not very chemically active.

Pascal: A Literary Scientist
(Brilliant Young Minds)

We have to pause in deep thought and awe when it comes to an exceptional genius who successfully combined science, literature, and religious thinking.

Parkour; the Art of Movement
(Science and Sports)

Running, leaping, and climbing through the city is not restricted to Spiderman or Ninja Turtles.

Things We Have Been Taught in School that are Not True (Part Two)

In this day and age, any post, link, or photo we see we have to play Sherlock Holmes with, because a lot of the stuff out there is fake. 

It is not always about the Food: Adha Mubarak
(The Scientist Inside You)

Muslims honor this event worldwide and enjoy festive meals; this year, why not add more fun to the celebrations and do one or more science activities with your children?

Chemistry and Beauty
(Science at Home)

Women pay a lot of attention to their looks without considering the potential harm of using some products for a long time, the result of which may be the destruction of their beauty, or even illness.

The Science behind Up!
(Science at Home)

Look up in the sky! It is not a bird! It is not a plane! It is not even a superhero! It is a flying house!

The Anatomist and the Artist
(Life Sciences)

One of the most obvious examples of the unbreakable bond between art and science is the relationship between visual arts and anatomy.

It Is Not Always About The Food: Happy New Year!
(The Scientist Inside You)

Christmas and New Year are more or less the same for most Egyptians. Both are very special occasions; the first refers to celebrating the birth of Jesus, and the second refers to the New Year celebrations. 

Baby Blue
(The Colors of Life)

We all have our favorite colors; babies are no exception. We do not just develop an appreciation for color as adults; babies and children are also affected by it, both positively and negatively. 

(The Scientist Inside You)

Pinwheel is a simple toy made of a wheel of paper or plastic curls attached at its axle to a stick by a pin.

Origami Applications in the Past and Present
(The Scientist Inside You)

Lately, the art of origami has spread widely, and has caught the attention of young people and adults because it is an interesting and useful art that develops the skills.

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