Articles (Psychology)

The Science of Smile
(Human Body)

Based on science, smiling changes the brain’s physiology and turns negative emotions into positive ones.

How to Improve your Social Skills in Five Steps
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Building good relationships with others plays a great role in reducing stress, so it is important to pay attention to your social connections.

Tips to Beat Procrastination
(Education, Business, and Society)

Your to-do list is growing larger, a pile of papers on your desk is not ready yet... Welcome to the realm of procrastination!

I have A Dream
(Science Fun Time: Stories and Activities)

Urban trees are much more than elements of landscape beautification; they can save lives and can literally save our planet.

Yoga and Weight Loss
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

For some people, yoga is an exercise associated with relaxation; yet, it burns a lot of calories, and promotes metabolism in general.

She Thought, He Thought
(Science Fun Time: Stories and Activities)

After shopping, I'll go to the hairdresser then I'll have to pass by my mother, and go home to prepare lunch before the kids come back from school.

Men vs Women: Are They Mentally Different?
(Human Body)

Differences in mental abilities, between humans in general, and between women and men specifically, have always been a topic of debate among researchers and scholars.

How Do the Blind Dream?
(Health and Diseases)

Sometimes when we miss someone, we wish to see them even if just in our dreams; we then dream of them, but without knowing how dreams occur?

Individual versus Team Sports
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

If you are a parent of young children like myself, you would probably be weighing the options for signing them up for a sport.

New Year Resolutions: Maybe You Should Not Worry This Year!
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

It is this time of year when a Christmas tree in the corner of our living room glows with the buds of hope and aspirations for a new coming year. 

The Inkblot Test
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Have you ever come across an entertaining personality quiz entitled the “Inkblot Test” while skimming through the Internet? If you have not come across this test yet, let me tell you about it.

First Language Acquisition Explained
(Education, Business, and Society)

I recall this hilarious incident when my nephew was only three years old, and was having a conversation about his broken toy with my sister.

And the Winner is …
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

As football fans were passionately following the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Achilles was busy predicting match results using its “cat sense”.

As Able As Anyone
(Health and Diseases)

While sport has value in everyone’s life, it is even more important in the life of a person with disability thanks to its rehabilitative influence. 

Sport Psychology
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Great athletic talents quickly fade due to certain issues; proving that physical exercise alone is not enough to achieve success.

Running for Happiness
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

 The body and mind are so closely linked, when your body feels better, your mind will be better as well.

Sleeping during Working Hours!
(Education, Business, and Society)

I visited Japan in 2001 on a scientific mission; after going through my visit's program, I was surprised to see sleeping cabins to use during working hours!

The Mystery of Shark Attacks
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

Back in 2010, a series of bloody shark attacks terrorized the normally serene beaches of Sharm-Elsheikh. The attacks were so ferocious that experts were at a loss explaining the unprecedented behavior.

(Education, Business, and Society)

How can we find out if we are addicted to work, and how can we get rid of this addiction to live a normal life devoid of any psychological issues?

The Internet and Mind Control
(Computers and Information Technology)

Does Facebook really connect people or provide an unrealistic version of reality? 

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