Articles (Natural Disasters)

Interstellar: A Journey into Knowledge
(Astronomy and Space Sciences)

Although Interstellar is a science-fiction movie, it does not depart from reality entirely; it introduces people to Theoretical Physics.

The Lost Architecture of Ancient Alexandria
(Human Civilization)

In April, the world watched sadly as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burnt for hours. Like millions of people, I felt saddened but also thought of Egypt's lost architectural heritage.

Climate Change and Egypt's Battle
(Environment and Climate Change)

All countries of the world are concerned with the issue of climate change because all countries will suffer its negative impact.

The Rite of Spring
(Science and Art)

Fantasia has held a special place in my heart. I remember watching it as a little kid, and still vividly recall its segments.

The Elements Wrath: Volcanic Eruptions
(Earth Sciences)

One of the most famous volcanic eruptions in history is that of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79. 

The Elements Wrath: Hurricanes
(Earth Sciences)

We have all seen the iconic image of a hurricane from space, a huge swirl of clouds around a small opening.

The Elements Wrath: Droughts and Floods
(Earth Sciences)

Water disasters do not only occur when there is too much rain; they can also occur when there is not enough of it.

Drought Attack
(Energy and Water)

Water, the source of life and crucial element for survival, has come under pressure in recent years. Many predict that future wars will be fought in order to gain control over water supplies. 

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