Articles (Youth)

Jobs Suitable for People of Determination
(Education, Business, and Society)

People of determination are an integral part of the society that cannot be ignored; however, they often face problems finding jobs.

Celebrating the Future
(Education, Business, and Society)

Science is all around but for most people, science is perceived as the tedious study of complicated facts, especially in a formal setting.

The Silver Lining of Negative Emotions
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Throughout our lives, we encounter situations that trigger emotions deep inside; they form our human experience and make us who we are.

Occupational Diseases
(Education, Business, and Society)

Most of us spend at least one‐third of our day at work. We get carried away with the several tasks we have to accomplish before the end of the day, then suddenly feel physically exhausted or even pained.

Indoor or Outdoor? A Choice for Your Health
(Health and Diseases)

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted hanging-out, social gatherings, and spending time outdoors; if you belong to the indoor generation with no deep understanding of what you are missing, this article is for you.

Ageing in the Age of Inequality
(Education, Business, and Society)

If you ask me about my greatest fear, I would answer “Growing old”! I fear ageism and the unfairness associated to it in every single domain of life.

Sticking to Your Plan in the Age of Coronavirus
(Education, Business, and Society)

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty has become the master of the scene, affecting our lives dramatically, and bringing most plans to a halt.

New Year’s Resolutions: To Make or Not to Make!
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

It is New Year time; time for big resolutions and life-altering decisions.

Sustainable Development and Youth in Developing Countries: How to Start?
(Education, Business, and Society)

Youth have to picture the world as a system that connects space and time; a requirement in all definitions of sustainable development.

All You Need to Know about Anemia
(Health and Diseases)

Anemia is one of the most common blood diseases that could turn dangerous if neglected.

The Right Food for the Right Time
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

It is necessary that all people of different ages know how to eat and what are the essential nutrients to be consumed according to their life stage.

Meningitis: A Life-Threatening Condition
(Health and Diseases)

Meningitis requires immediate attention, because the complications can be severe; luckily, there are vaccines to combat it.

(Health and Diseases)

The obsession with looking at a mirror is not only a passing thought, especially for those having negative thoughts about their body image.

Achilles Heel
(Health and Diseases)

Whenever I read this story, I ask myself: Is this part of the body really so vulnerable that the Ancient Greeks created a myth about it?

The Science of Smile
(Human Body)

Based on science, smiling changes the brain’s physiology and turns negative emotions into positive ones.

Tips to Beat Procrastination
(Education, Business, and Society)

Your to-do list is growing larger, a pile of papers on your desk is not ready yet... Welcome to the realm of procrastination!

Science Communication: The Lifeline for New Generations
(Education, Business, and Society)

Since I worked as a science communicator, I can describe science communication as a means of survival to current and future generations.

How to Have a Productive Holiday
(Education, Business, and Society)

Is it possible to feel free and productive simultaneously?

Mind Change to combat Climate Change
(Education, Business, and Society)

Having worked in science communication for years, I can attest that no issue has been more pressing for our field than climate change.

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