Articles (Climate Change)

Extraterrestrial Farming
(Food and Agriculture)

With ongoing man-made and natural calamities hitting Earth, scientists are working on several projects that aim to find other planets suitable for life. 

(Human Health)

If you are planning to travel to Southeast Asia, you have to be aware of mosquitos and the diseases they may cause. 

Summer Bites
(Safe Summer)

Having my legs and arms covered with insect bites indicates that summer has arrived. With summer’s heat, buzzing bees, marching ants, and swarming mosquitoes invade our world.

Ergonomics: The Simple Secrets of Success
(Science at Work)

Whether it is an office job or any other job that requires physical work, clearly, providing employees with a better work environment increases their productivity and job satisfaction.

What to Wear in Summer—that is the Question!
(Safe Summer)

Being aware of what you should wear in summer is very important to stay cool, comfortable and healthy.

Nano-Elements of Nature: Water
(The Four Elements: The Roots of Life)

A research team has innovated a nanotechnology water desalination system that works on the ion levels.

Nano Elements of Nature: Earth
(The Four Elements: The Roots of Life)

Water-repelling sand is an example of how nanotechnology can lead to drastic changes in the behavior of materials.

The Elements Wrath: Droughts and Floods
(The Four Elements: The Roots of Life)

Water disasters do not only occur when there is too much rain; they can also occur when there is not enough of it.

The Powers of the Elements: Earth and Fire
(The Four Elements: The Roots of Life)

The powers of the four elements of nature neither pollute nor damage our environment; they cannot be controlled by any one nation or industry, and are readily available for free for each human being on the surface of the Earth.

Nature's Palette: Living Colors (Plantae)
(The Colors of Life)

The plant and animal kingdoms abound with bright colors, from the lush green of photosynthesizing plants to the striking colors of fluttering butterflies.

​Biodiversity at Stake: A Historical Account
(Life Sciences)

What makes Earth unique among its peer planets is that it supports life. For ages, the planet has embraced diverse forms of life that flourished across its oceans and lands and has been home to innumerable species. 

Climate Change and Human Health
(Human Health)

Nowadays, everyone around the world is familiar with the dangers of climate change as one of the most visible environmental concerns, where temperature is rising, polar glaciers are melting, and sea levels are rising. 

Watermelon Snow
(Life Sciences)

Arctic glaciers play several vital environmental roles. They stabilize weather patterns and serve as natural air conditioners.

​Vitamin Sea: Thalassotherapy
(Safe Summer)

As summer approaches, we start planning our vacations; first on the list is going to the beach, where we enjoy swimming and tanning. 

Ocean Circulation
(Earth Sciences)

Ocean circulation is the vast water motion inside ocean basins; the Sun, wind, Earth’s rotation, tides, and water density discrepancies affect those currents.

Egypt’s Natural Treasure
(Earth Sciences)

Egypt has been gifted with hundreds of mineral water springs and sand baths that can heal many diseases; it is considered one of the most important therapeutic spots in the world

Sharks’ Critical Role in Life on Earth
(Earth Sciences)

Sharks existed one million years before humans and survived for 450 million years; now, they are in danger of extinction.

Before the Flood
(Earth Sciences)

Ten years after Davis Guggenheim’ documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006), which aimed at raising awareness on climate change, National...

Drought Attack
(Earth Sciences)

Water, the source of life and crucial element for survival, has come under pressure in recent years. Many predict that future wars will be fought in order to gain control over water supplies. 

Air Conditioners of Ancient Times
(Safe Summer)

Modern air-conditioning has emerged from advances in chemistry during the 19th century; the first large-scale electrical air-conditioning was invented and used in 1902 by American inventor Willis Carrier.

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