Cholestrol and Kids
(Woman and Child)

Once thought of as a disease of middle age, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and other blood vessel problems, cholesterol is a growing concern among our children and adolescents.

Egyptian Researcher Elham Fadaly
(The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors)

The name of Dr. Elham Fadaly has recently become popular in the scientific society, as a research paper she co-authored was published in the renowned Nature magazine. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Final Episode
(Science Story Time!)

Who wants to live on this planet with its growing pollution, ignorance, and lack of conscious? That is what the shortest called for in the previous episodes. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 7
(Science Story Time!)

These creatures are rational, intelligent, developed, and liberated; they come from a faraway planet they promised to tell you its name and location.

Munchausen Syndrome
(Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health)

The Munchausen Syndrome is a psychological disorder where a healthy person pretends to have a physical or psychological illness and may undergo surgery.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 6
(Science Story Time!)

Morning is about to break; you ask yourself: Wont these creatures ever leave my room?

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 5
(Science Story Time!)

Happiness overwhelms you as you hear the creatures offering to tell you their secrets voluntarily. 

Women and Thyroid Health
(Woman and Child)

Research shows that, more and more, women are being diagnosed with thyroid hormone imbalance. Even though men are still prone to suffer from thyroid issues, women are ten times more likely to experience thyroid problems.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 4
(Science Story Time!)

“I want to leave this planet, I want to leave this planet,” the shortest kept repeating as the sound of demolition kept rising in the street and the smoke leaked into the room. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 3
(Science Story Time!)

Having stopped because the very tall, the very short, and the very fat are all staring at the window, you attempt to draw their attention to continue the conversation, but to no avail.

Decoding the Hidden Messages between Baby and Adult Brains
(Woman and Child)

When you recall a memory of your parent reading a book for you, you may think that this memory is only about spending time together, but you would be wrong. 

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 2
(Science Story Time!)

The fat, the short, and the tall have raised many questions inside your head about planet Earth, the development of life on it, and the whole human civilization issue.

Exploring the Human Civilization Enigma - Episode 1
(Science Story Time!)

They descended from the sky shrouded from everyone; without any noise, nobody could see them or feel their presence. They came to you and asked you to join them, to be their guide during their journey on our Earth.


Postpartum Depression
(Woman and Child)

Are you a new mother and overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings? Do you suddenly cry without a specific reason? Studies show that almost 60-80% of mothers, whether it is their first baby or not, have these feelings.

The Great Epidemics of All Time
(Human Civilization)

Have you ever wondered what in history has claimed the greatest number of human victims? Natural disasters? Famines? Wars? To figure out the enemy number one of Humankind, we need to focus on something invisible to the naked eye: pathogens. 

Prayer Time Calculation Method
(Astronomy and Space Sciences)

Praying five times a day is obligatory for Muslims at prescribed times that are related to the Sun's movement. Here comes the role of astronomy in determining prayer times using mathematics-based astronomical calculations.

A Virus under the Microscope
(Life Sciences)

Viruses are of various different types, but they all infect all kinds of organisms and they all have exactly the same anatomical structure.

Dates and their Nutritional and Health Value
(Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition)

During the blessed month of Ramadan, dates are highly consumed as they contain the sugars that provide the fasting person, during breakfast, with high energy that is easily absorbed and assimilated. What are the most famous types of dates? What are their benefits? Do they cause any harm to some people?

The Physics of Shipping in Constricted Waters
(Science Everywhere)

After days of arduous labor, the Ever-Given container ship was finally released allowing for the international commerce movement across the Suez Canal to resume. We picked three physical phenomena that affect vessels passing through constricted waterways to tackle in this article.

Communication Technology: Connecting People?
(Good and Evil)

Although some welcome the Internet as an ultimate solution to everything, others fear its curse.

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